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Kits suited for outdoor lineside structures usually take less effort to assemble than anything built entirely from scratch, appealing particularly to those who have limited spare time. Slower scratchbuild methods are for those who are able to lend more time to evolving their creative ideas. 

JigStones is part and parcel of the latter. Many have said that it's a slow method, which I cannot dispute. But, to counter this, most agree that the results are satisfying and long lasting.The added advantage of being a self sufficient home-based production line of components also comes high on the list of benefits, whereas the cost of the silicone moulds might be much lower. It's swings and roundabouts. One's own production line for reproducing, many times over, the parts needed to create many fine and entirely different buildings, from a tough product which can then easily be resold, or lent to a friend or two, or the initial cost shared with a friend or two, is a very much unique benefit in the world of garden-scale model building and structural creativity.

Ironically, my own garden railway isn't crammed with JigStones models for the sake of it. Model villages simply aren't my thing. There are only eight buildings which are mainly railway related, plus some miscellaneous structural detail. But if I do feel like adding another model, the mould system is always handy and ready for use at any time, and is likely to remain as part of my tool kit for years to come.

This personal website, as well as presenting an opportunity to show some views of my own railway and its progress, also offers some guidance for anyone new to JigStones modelling. Please go to the menu above to find various topics which might interest you. Other websites I keep going deal with such things as extra P&WR photos, and generally fictitious goings on relating to the railway (, plans which might be useful to JigStones newcomers, or oldcomers, (, and in 4mm scale, a printable fairground series of models suited to '00' scenic use (

If you're a keyboard player, such as myself, or just like a lighter mood of live music, and live in Devon, then the following long established club welcomes all to it's door every month, full details of which can be found at  

16mm:1ft and G are the main scales catered for with JigStones, but for ideas in 7/8th scale here is shown evidence of attractive use found at the 'Amalgamated Conserves Tramway' website.

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Peter Chandler, January 2015 

Pinehill & Watersmede Railway

The privately run P&WR Group meets once a month during the more comfortable months of the year. Traction is strictly battery powered, and 50% of this is radio controlled. This is due to limited access in some areas for manually operated units. Radii are also sometimes tight, requiring short wheelbase 4-wheeled rolling stock. There are five stations and one halt, with extensive sidings both inside and outside at South Yard and North Yard, and multi levels of track route enabling a mainly ground level system to gain the necessary height required under cover to the right of the layout. I've tried to make it as interesting to look at as it is for operating, and hope that I'm more or less succeeding in this goal. The railway is now almost complete, and just requires some finer detailing.